Monday, July 13, 2009


Camping is something that has always been in my blood. I think I was only about 6 months old when my parents took me camping for the first time, as they loaded down our Volkswagon with one of those old impossibly heavy canvas tents, and a kayak that my dad had built from a kit. Later on our camping trips grew from weekend excursions to month-long journeys all the way up the California coastline to the Pacific Northwest. Yes, you can definitely say that camping is in my blood.

My hubby and I have carried on the camping tradition with our children, beginning when our daughter was only a couple of months old. Our trips have always centered around the food we bring. Food takes on new meaning when you are outdoors 24/7. Our whole trip revolves around preparing the food, cooking the food, eating the food, cleaning up from the food mess, then deciding what we are giong to eat next!

As we continued to camp, our equipment arsenal began to grow exponentially too. First the giant tent, so that we could fit all of the kid's toys and necessary stuff in there, then more cooking equipment and a larger cooler and big, bulky air mattresses. It all felt so necessary at the time, but we were completely loaded down. It's truly a wonder that my husband was so patient with all of the stuff that I insisted on bringing. He was a camping minimalist at heart; just a single bowl that doubled as a cooking pot, a pocket-size single burner for cooking and a fork and a knife. Ha! He never knew what hit him!

Now that our kids have gotten older, we are slowly finding ourselves scaling back on our camping essentials. Our tent has gotten smaller (and miraculously morphed into a small tent trailor), the cooking equipment has gotten sparser and forget those pesky air mattresses that continually sprung a leak. I think that the work load has even lightened up a bit too.

So if you're wondering where I'm going with this, last week we were able to sneak away for a 6 day adventure near Bend, Oregon, meeting up with some old friends that we hadn't seen in several years. Getting together two families with 5 teenage kids was no easy task. But somehow we pulled it all together, and as we sat there laughing and playing Apples To Apples by the roaring fire, I found myself reflecting on the evolution of our camping trips. We've come a long way baby.

ETA: I put up our camping food list on Everyday Dish (on the "Dish" page).

The kids proving to me just how short I really am.

Bruno, enjoying the sun and contemplating when he gets to go home.


mamalama said...

What great memories that conjures up. But the question remains--what did you cook?

3veggies said...

We went camping this weekend. First time with the kids though my husband I went all the time before they were born. They are now 7 and 4 and were very excited. We lasted 5 hours! Not because it was no fun or because any one wanted to go home but... shortly after we arrived, set everything up a HUGE storm rolled in. We were in a too small tent with two kids and a muddy dalmation. Then my oldest daughter said "I don't want to sleep with a wet pillow" yes our tent was leaking badly from all corners. I feel wimpy for not tuffing it out. We will be doing it again!
Any good camping foods?

3veggies said...

Oh I did check the weather and it said no chance of rain HAHAHA

julie hasson said...

I feel for you 3veggies! I have been there before, and am a total whimp when it comes to a wet sleeping bag and pillow! I would have done the same thing.

We hat a little rain this time, but fortunately it didn't last long. I guess it comes along with the territory ;-)

Vegyogini said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Ruth said...

Did anyone else realise that when you click to enlarge the photo with the Bruno in the background.... he is actually smiling? Honest!

So what do you cook when you go camping? :)

aTxVegn said...

What a beautiful place to camp.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Wow, you're brave! I'm not sure I could last 6 days, but it sounds like you had a blast!

Alisa said...

That sounds like such fun. I definitely need to go camping more!

julie hasson said...

Aww,thanks Vegyogini. You're so sweet.

How funny Ruth. I hadn't even noticed. I put up a camping food list on the Dish page of everyday dish if you want to check it out. It turned out to be a long list; )

Thanks aTxVegn! It was a beautiful place to camp.

Ha Melisser, you totally could have done it!

Hi Alisa! Yeah, you should come camp over in Oregon ; )

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