Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Official

I've moved. I finally finished my website, and will now be blogging there. The website is

So please come on over and say hi. I just posted the cover for my new book, and there is lots more to come. There's nothing like a fresh new look to get one blogging regularly again.

XO Julie


KitteeBee said...

the new page looks awesome, but i can't leave a comment without logging into wordpress, and i don't have a wordpress account. well i thought i did, but wordpress isn't recognizing me.



julie hasson said...

I fixed it Kittee! Now you should be able to leave a comment.

Glad you like it!

Ben said...

Cool! Congrats Julie. I bet you spent plenty of time setting that up. Maybe you had someone else do it ...

Anyway, I'll have to check it out. I borrowed a kim chi recipe from you once. We'll see what other tasties I can create with your help.


Jilleen said...

Hey Julie,
I am on your members list at everyday dish but I'm unable to log on any more. My husband purchased me the membership for Christmas last year but I'm having trouble. The membership is for a year, right? I've tried emailing you but I can not get through. My name is Jilleen Macpherson and my email is Is there any way you can check your accounts to see what happen. I'm not computer literate so I could have messed up myself. I really miss trying your members only recipes.

julie hasson said...

Hi Jileen,

Email us at We've been having some website problems, and can get you back up and running. Sorry about that.

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