Friday, March 27, 2009

A Perfect Pan

I have not forgotten about blogging. Promise! I just get so busy in the kitchen working on recipes, that the days just seem to fly by.

One thing that I've been using a lot in the kitchen lately is my new favorite pan. It's a Lodge cast iron biscuit pan, which I have figured out is great for so many things, above and beyond biscuits (though it works really well for those too). I've been using it for cornbread, muffins, mini hamburger buns, scones and even brownie batter. But you know what my favorite discovery has been this week? English muffins! I know! I've been working on a perfect English muffin recipe for the new book (with LOTS of nooks and crannies), and found that this fab cast iron baby makes awesome English muffins. Even better than those metal English muffin rings, which are supposed to work really well for making them. I much prefer this pan to the rings, that's for sure. I'm thinking that this pan would even make the most adorable 3-inch veggie burgers. I love to find cool new uses for kitchen equipment.

Anyways, here are some pics of the English muffins, which I made with white wheat flour. They are so yummy! I wish I could share the recipe already.

I hope everyone is having a great spring!

XO Julie

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few More Details & Ice Cream!!

I wanted to share a little more info about the new book. I'm always a little superstitious until all of the contracts are signed and everything is officially in place. So here goes... Although the title might change down the line, the working title right now is Vegan Diner. It's going to be filled with lots of comfort food favorites, from burgers, hashes, fries and pies to blue plate specials and lots of other comfort food dishes thrown in. I'm having a blast writing this book!

Oh, and before I forget, we just posted a new video on Everyday Dish. It's Wheeler and his awesome ice cream recipe (which starts out as vanilla and turns into something deliciously unexpected). Can you guess the flavor? Go check it out!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vegan Donuts!

After several tries, I finally got it! The yeasted donuts came out perfect, and exactly how I envisioned them. A soft, tender and slightly sweet interior that melts in your mouth. I made 3 different kinds, cinnamon sugar, vanilla glazed and maple. Unbelievable! I knew that I couldn't let you guys down, and that if I worked hard enough on the formula, I could get a vegan donut that's better than the original. It's killing me to keep the recipe under wraps for the book.

I can share some pics with you though, with the cinnamon sugar babies on top and some of the glazed below.

There's also some yummy new recipes & videos up on Everyday Dish. Check out the Rosemary Garlic Crackers, Coconut Whipped Cream and homemade bath salts.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chocolate & Donuts

I've been cooking and baking up a storm, working on all sorts of recipes for both the new book and Everyday Dish. The recipe above is for Chocolate Creamboats, and the gorgeous photo was taken by my very talented friend Kim. Couldn't you just reach into the picture? This recipe is going to be in the new book.

Yesterday I found myself working on donut recipes for the book, which is turning out to be a lot trickier than I expected. This may be why I don't often see yeasted vegan donuts. I'm determined to come up with a light and tender version though, and won't give up until I do. Did I mention that my whole house smells like a donut shop?