Monday, March 17, 2008

Tofu Scramble And Homemade Pasta

Jam On Hawthorne is an awesome breakfast joint here in Portland. They have incredible scrambles, vegan chai pancakes and homemade jam. The food is delish, and one of our favorite breakfast spots. So, after a little begging, the executive chef from Jam agreed to come tape a couple segments for Everyday Dish. Let me tell you, it's really good! So, if you have a hankering for a great scramble, head on over to Everyday Dish and check out the video (and recipe) for Vegan Tofu Scramble.

On another front, Jay and I cooked up some homemade pasta last week, and it was good! Actually, as you can see by the pictures, Jay did most of the work. I did, however, make the pesto sauce, salad and Italian sausages. I usually step aside when he's rolling the pasta, and have fun with the sauce and the rest of the meal.

We used Bryanna's delicious pasta recipe from her cookbook Nonna's Italian Kitchen. It's mostly all-purpose flour with a little chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour, salt and water. It's an awesome recipe, and worth the price of the book for that recipe alone.

So here's the pictorial of the pasta making process. Enjoy!!


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

this is making me picture some alternate universe where thomas has an actual interest in cooking besides microwaving gardenburger riblets...what have you done to me? <3

julie hasson said...

You crack me up Jess!

Yes, it can happen.

Firat said...


About Allthings !

Sheree' said...

I love it! Wow! I have never made pasta. I always see them make pasta on Food Network and get grossed by the eggs! Hey I should give this recipe a try for sure. No eggs, no grossing myself out! I can't believe Jay is making pasta in a black shirt. Dang, I would be covered in white dust!

Vegan_Noodle said...

I will definitely be watching that tofu scramble edition of everyday dish. Didn't make it to Jam on hawthorne on my last portland trip, but will definitely stop there next time!

And how cool that yall made pasta!! Did you kitchen aid mixer come with the pasta rolling attachment? My hubby is half italian and I think he would really enjoy doing this. Thanks for the tip!

julie hasson said...

Hi Sheree! Yep, no eggs. And you're right, he can cook with a black shirt and not get covered in flour. I would have had white all over me.

Hi vegan_noodle! Jam's scramble is really yummy. I love the combo of spices on it.

The pasta attachment didn't come with the mixer. It was a separate attachment, but one that we use all the time. It's also fun to roll cracker dough and bread dough (to make bread sticks) through the rollers. As you can see, my husband loves it!

urban vegan said...

I adore homemade pasta--I think I'll be making it more now that I'm changing jobs (will be happily self-employed in a few weeks). I make mine with a Kitchen Aid Mixer attachment.

What's amazing to me is how, in this country, so few people make pasta without eggs.

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Looks good! Jam on Hawthorne is such a cute name too!

MeganFabulous said...

As soon as I get myself a real mixer I want the attachment! I am with Jess, I wish Scott had an interest in cooking. I try to leave him home with recipes and he manages to get very confused as to which frying plan to use, etc etc.:)

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