Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whipped Topping Update

Well here's the update. I have been working feverishly to develop an incredible whipped topping recipe to share. I had the highest of hopes that I would at least have something by today, but the recipe's just not excellent yet. I have a very high standard for my recipes and I wouldn't want to share one that wasn't absolutely delicious.

I will keep plugging away, so that I can share something delicious soon. Until then, if anyone is chomping at the bit to try testing out some recipes themselves, I will steer you in the right direction. The product that Bryanna and I have been playing with is called Versawhip 600K. It's made out of soy and is supposed to be a vegan product (although there are other Versawhips that are not even vegetarian). It's pretty pricey, but we found that L'Epecerie in New York has the best price on it. I just want to give you a heads-up that the product is very tricky to use and not so cut and dry. Although it will whip liquid into a topping, many of my test batches have been less than desirable, and certainly not what I would want to serve to guests. I can't even tell you how many test batches I have thrown away.

Now, for the rest of us who want a luscious whipped topping and don't mind waiting a bit, I will hopefully have a recipe in the near future to share. We all need a fluffy whipped topping for our summer berries, so I will keep plugging away.

Thanks for all of your marshmallow love!



Unknown said...

Let's make versawhip 600 jerseys! Thanks for sharing, Julie.


Vegan_Noodle said...

We appreciate the update and all your hardwork Julie (and Bryanna)! I may go ahead and order some just so that I'm ready when yall are done perfecting it!

Rio said...

I read on Bryanna's website that they don't ship to Canada. I'm hoping you will add it to your store for us poor Canadians who can only look on and drool and cry into our unwhipped topping!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

You're too cool for school! xo.

Trish said...

This looks awesome. I anticipat the final outcome. I gave made a whip topping of sorts with tofu, was not bad, but certainly did not hod up to the term "whipped".

MeloMeals said...

Keep up the good work! It's hard to imagine a great tasting vegan whipped topping!

Carrie™ said...

I am so intrigued. I can't wait to hear about the final results.

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

So, I have to ask, have you tried whipped coconut cream? (Done in one of those whipped cream charger bottles?) It turns out perfectly fluffy and airy...

Just curious, as this project you're working on sounds interesting too.

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

tofu mom-- Hi, there! I have tried whipping coconut milk, and it is delicious and whips up nicely, but it is also high in saturated fat. I use coconut milk on occasion (in Thai food, for instance), but I prefer it to be very occasional. Some people prefer to use no fat at all, or they are on a therapeutic diet which disallows added fat, so if the Versawhip works, it would be a boon to these people.

urban vegan said...

I'm lighting a candle to the whipped cream gods for you--and for all of us vegans!

Amey said...

wow this is all very exciting. Sounds fun to work with a new, weird product. I've been following it on Bryanna's blog too. How cool. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Marika said...

Thank you for doing this. Please, make it soon :)

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