Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good News!

Great news for those considering a subscription to Everyday Dish TV. We have a special running right now. The price is $35.00 for a one year subscription. Now that's a lot of marshmallows (and key lime cheesecake and awesome vegan cheeses and smoky sausage links and chorizos and...). Just think about it. The monthly cost is less than your favorite Iced Soy Mocha ($2.92), and much healthier too. EDTV is guaranteed to be habit forming, without the jittery side effects of caffeine.

In other news, for those of you with children (or without), who are looking for a fun gift idea, I have an article in the new issue of Family Fun Magazine. The article is on do-it-yourself truffles (vegan, of course), perfect for teacher thank-you gifts.

XO Julie


Mountain Mama said...

I decided to join for that deal!

It says I have 183 days left on my subscription though, not 365.

julie hasson said...

Cool Mountain Mama! I'll fix that for you right away.

aimee said...

Hi Julie! My subscription also says 183 days left!! Yippee! Marshmallows!

julie hasson said...

Hi Aimee! Yay! I think it was a matter of getting all the site software caught up with the new changes. Can you email me and let me know your user name on the site (then I can fix it for you).

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Okay okay, I'm not supposed to be spending, but I'll treat myself!

Meghan said...


Sophia said...

I was wondering whether any of these recipes rely on Versawhip or Instant clear jel? They are not available in my area unless I'm willing to sell a kidney! Your recipes, I'm dieing to get a membership if it doesn't use these ingredients.

julie hasson said...

Yay Melisser! Thanks Meghan.

Hi Sophia. A handful of the recipes call for Versawhip or Instant Clearjel, but we have over 60 videos on the membership area.

We do sell both ingredients on our website and ship them too, if you're looking for them cheaper than you can find them locally.

Heather said...

I am hoping the special is till next friday (pay day) so I can get in on the special please say it is still on
Thanks Heather

julie hasson said...

It will still be on Heather!

Anonymous said...

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