Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bottle Love

A while back, after doing a lot of reading on the subject, I decided to give up on refillable plastic plastic water bottles. Knowing not just that the plastics, and more specifically the BPA's, are terrible for our bodies, but that there is some thought that they might contribute to breast cancer. Yuck! And forget the fact that these plastics are showing up in our blood. As convenient as those refillable plastic bottles are, I just had to say no.

My next move was to the stainless bottles. These are very durable, and perfect to throw in a gym bag or the kid's backpacks for school. They sounded like the perfect solution, but I still wasn't totally convinced. They are fairly pricey (if you go for the good ones with the non-toxic finish), and my son was always complaining that his beverages had a metallic taste to them. I couldn't fault him there, as I noticed it too.

I really was at a loss as to what to do, other than carrying around a water glass from home, which was completely impractical. Then it hit me. What about those great iced tea bottles that you find everywhere from the grocery store to take-out cafes. With their resealable lids, they would make the perfect container for water, juice or home-brewed iced tea on the go. Plus, they look stylish. There's also the added benefit that you're recycling at the same time too. And you can actually fit ice cubes into the bottle, for a truly refreshing iced summer drink.

Now I wouldn't recommend these for children or if you're planning on doing some rugged outdoor activities. But for running errands around town or slipping into a bag at the farmer's market or going out for a stroll, these bottles are ideal. I've even started to notice the nice designs that some of these bottles have. I love that they can be thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned, without worrying that the plastic is breaking down.

So, the next time that you find yourself with one of these bottles, consider keeping it as a water bottle. You may just find yourself hooked on the idea. Who knows. Maybe we can start a new trend of re-purposing glass bottles.


a-k said...

I do this, only I use old pasta and salsa jars, and mostly to hold my daily green smoothies! They also make great grain/dry goods containers when you buy from the bulk section ;-)

Judy's Nutrition said...

I have a few friends who use pasta jars and peanut butter jars - kinda quirky but totally functional!

Unknown said...

kombucha bottles work great for this too! i am a big fan.

julie hasson said...

Hi Kittee! I was eyeing the kombucha bottles today at the store, thinking they would work really well.

Hi a-k. Cool! Larger jars seem like they would be preferable for smoothies. The tea bottles may be a bit small.

Hi Judy's Nutrition. Quirky but cool! I was thinking that peanut butter jars might not be as comfortable to drink from though. But you probably just need a straw.

Anonymous said...

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MeloMeals said...

Great idea.. I often use mason jars to transport liquids... green smoothies especially..

Beth Barnett said...

I've been using iced tea bottles at work for my daily water for the last year or so, switching from plastic - I'm surprised more people haven't switched to this easy glass alternative. Sometimes solutions are really simple! Great for you to feature it, Julie!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Great idea! Good for us, and the planet!

Adriana said...

So true Julie. I don't buy the marketing hype behind the more "eco friendly" bottles either.

Anonymous said...

did you try sigg bottles? i love my sigg and haven't noticed a metallic taste at all!

mysticxian said...

great idea. my husband re-uses plastic bottles all the time. I will make him try this!

Carolyn said...

Julie- the glass tea bottles are great even if you're "in the wild", so to speak. I've used them when I am out in the field for work (environmental field) and you just tuck them in between other soft things in your field bag - notebooks, extra shirt, towel, sampling equipment, whatever. Unless you're carrying naked glass, with nothing else around it, there's little likelihood of breakage. Plus you can get padded carrying "tubes" that hook to your backpack or bag, or stuff inside your pack.

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