Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back To School

I can't believe that it's back to school time already. But sure enough, my kids were up at 6 this morning, ready to start a new school year. They actually seemed excited too, which is a very good thing.

Back to school also means back to packing lunches. Yes, I know that my kids are old enough to pack their own lunches, and they do for the most part. What is challenging though is having the pantry and the fridge full of easy to pack lunch box food. Although I try to make most of the food from scratch, I still need to fill in with some store bought goodies.

One product that I had that privilege to try recently is Zen Soy puddings and soy milk. This stuff is yum with a capital Y, and is perfect for packing in school lunches. The puddings come in four different flavors -chocolate, chocolate vanilla swirl, banana and vanilla. The chocolate and chocolate vanilla swirl were my favorites. If you're a big banana fan, then you will probably love the banana as it's rich with banana flavor.

Zen Soy also makes small cartons of flavored soy milk, which are absolutely delish and perfect for the lunchbox. My personal favorite is the cappuccino flavor (are you surprised?), although the chocolate and vanilla flavors were very good too. Once my son tasted the soy milk, he quickly finished the rest of my stash. Both the puddings and the individual cartons of soy milk are perfect for school (or office) lunches. I also love the fact that the puddings are low fat (only 1 gram) and run 100 to 130 calories. Now if I could only find a better hiding place for the chocolate puddings, so I could have my own stash of treats.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Mmmm, sounds yummy, I love pudding and miss the days of being able to just buy it off the shelf. I'll have to see if my grocery store carries this. Thanks for the tip!

urban vegan said...

I don't have kids, but I am very disciplined about packing lunches for myself and my husband. Saves you big bucks, plus you end up eating healthier.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

My daughters love the chocolate zen soy, and I like to have some on hand for baking. Hope you had a good time in Boise -- I'm still bummed I was gone when you were here! Did you have a chance to eat at Mai Thai?

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I ran across these, but they only had the banana version left! I picked them up anyway & put crumbled vanilla cookies in them, ala Southern Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers! yum yum.

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