Monday, October 1, 2007


We're always trying to get creative with dinners around here, which isn't always easy. You know the drill, kids, work, driving kids back and forth to lessons, sports, school events, etc... I usually start the week with the best of intentions, scribbling down recipe ideas, looking through clipped recipes and cookbooks I've been wanting to try. But then life happens and we're lucky to get a nice soup and salad on the table.

We'll I managed to get some creative meals on the table recently, which were all fairly easy to make.

This first shot is veggie sushi. Jay is an expert sushi maker, and makes awesome rolls. But he's practicing tough love these days, and if you want to eat you gotta get rolling. You have to work for your sushi around here.

The yellow sushi is something we found at our local Asian market. It's soy paper, and comes in different colors. They're supposed to be naturally colored, but I preferred this light yellow to the bright pink and green shades. The sushi is filled with different combos of spicy tofu, chopped toasted cashews, daikon radish, carrot, cucumber, avocado and daikon sprouts. Delish!

This second shot is of spicy green beans with chili and garlic. There's an awesome recipe for them in Bryanna Clark Grogan's Chinese cookbook. We fight over these babies, they're so good.

This picture is of one of my kids favorite dishes. It's Agedashi tofu. So, so good! My daughter has turned many of her friends into tofu lovers after trying this dish. The recipe and video are here, so give it a try.

I've got all kinds of things in the works over the next couple of weeks, but I will try and post when I can (and tell you all about them). Until then, go make Agedashi Tofu!!


spiceislandvegan said...

Hey Julie,

I have never seen soy paper. How interesting! I have to find it and try it.

I also made Japanese recently. 'Chicken Donburi' with soy curl. It's also easy. My quick dinner or lunch has always been Japanese food.


Vegan_Noodle said...

How cool about the soy paper! I've eaten it at restaurants but it's always been white. I need to get to a market around here and find me some!
Your agedashi tofu recipe sounds tasty. Anything that will convert people into tofu lovers is a winner.

Julie said...

All of your dinners look delicious! The Agedashi tofu is especially calling my name :) And that is awesome about the colorful soy paper...neat!

Unknown said...

holy shit, julie!
pink soy paper????? i was just at our huge asian market here, and I have never seen that stuff. so cool!
dazee loves agedashi tofu, so i'm gonna go check it out!


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

As someone who's not a nori fan, I love the soy paper! Your rolls look lovely!

MeloMeals said...

Looks like the perfect meal.

I've never seen soy paper... you learn something new every day!

Emilie said...

i;ve heard about that soy paper--it looks very cool. love, love, love agedashi tofu...8 times out of 10 if i'm frying something it's that.

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