Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Delicious!

A few of you guessed right. My mystery review is on the new coconut yogurt line from Turtle Mountain, and it's good. The folks at Turtle Mountain are masters at creating delicious flavor combinations, as seen in their ice cream and soy yogurt lines. The So Delicious coconut yogurts are no exception.

Not only did I make sure to taste all of the different flavors (I know, it's a tough job!), but I also tried baking with them, to see how they held up in a recipe. The results were excellent! I used the plain coconut yogurt in butterscotch blondies (from My Sweet Vegan), as well as a couple of other cookie and cake recipes. The yogurt baked up great, providing the baked goods with a moist crumb and great flavor.

Although I am a big fan of the Soy Delicious soy yogurts, it's nice to have options and be able to mix things up, and these coconut yogurts are just the thing. They're perfect to eat straight out of the carton, layered into breakfast parfaits with granola and fresh berries, mixed with fresh fruit and frozen into popsicles, or used as a creamy topping for summer desserts. There are oodles of delicious things you can make with the coconut yogurts, limited only by your imagination. The Passionate Mango was one of my favorites, with the lovely tart taste of passion fruit.

So, if you are in the mood to try something tasty and new or are looking for some soy-free alternatives, you should give these coconut yogurts a try. The fat count is a bit higher on them (about 6 to 7 grams) than most soy yogurts, but that is to be expected from coconut milk. On the other hand, the calorie count is low, they are dairy and lactose free, rich in medium chain fatty acids, are an excellent source of vitamin B12, contain pre- and probiotics (for good intestinal health), are cholesterol free, free of trans fat and certified vegan. Sounds good to me.

As a side note, Turtle Mountain has also come out with a couple of new flavors for their soy yogurt line, and they are fantastic too! I am addicted to the Key Lime, which I am dying to try in a cheesecake or pie. The Lemon Drop flavor is also really good, and is excellent eaten straight with fresh summer berries.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ooh, I was a Key Lime yogurt fan, so I'll have to look out for that. I'll try to coconut ones too!

Marika said...

THIS stuff looks entirely awesome...PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE, Whole Foods in Canada, SOMEBODY, please start stocking this!!

Anonymous said...

Yum! They all sound so good, now I have to get over to whole foods and get some...I hope mine stocks it =)

Chelsea said...

Wow, thanks for posting this! I haven't noticed it at the store yet, but knowing me I've walked right past it. This is perfect as I'm trying to cut down on my soy intake :)

BitterSweet said...

I hadn't heard about the new flavors of regular soy yogurt until I read this post, so I made a point of hunting them down. I just tried both, and while they were delicious, the texture was more like plastic than yogurt. They were so thick, I could have literally sliced them into chunks! I'm assuming they're not supposed to be like that...?

Alisa said...

Those coconut yogurt's are heavenly!

julie hasson said...

Thanks everyone. Yeah, if you are looking for a soy free yogurt, than this might be the one.

Hannah, the key lime is very thick. I don't know why these two new flavors are so much thicker (lemon and key lime), but they definitely are. I kind of like it thick. It's almost a very thick custard.

Picks Over Peas said...

I found the passionate mango coconut milk yogurt in my tiny small town health food store last week, snatched it up and asked the checkout clerk for a spoon. I was not disappointed! I've never been a fan of the beany taste of soy yogurt so I am in heaven now that there is this amazingly delish alternative.

julie hasson said...

Kelleen, I'm so glad that you found it. Isn't the Passionate Mango good?! I love that flavor!

jae said...

great to hear about the coconut milk line - i'd been wondering how they were!

Sarah Kramer said...

I need me some of that. Yum!

Unknown said...

Just tried the blueberry coconut milk yogurt-wow it was good. A local Food Lion is stocking vegan & vegetarian foods. They only had the blueberry-the mango sounds yummy. I can't "enjoy" soy-too many bad side affects - so this is a wonderful. thing Thanks!

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