Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Big Tall Glass

Homemade soymilk. Oh yeah. I'm pretty excited to be making soymilk at home that's malty and delicious. Although I've always loved the idea of making it fresh at home and eliminating all that extra packaging waste (not to mention saving money), the flavor still eluded me. That is until I came up with this latest and greatest version. It's great for drinking or dunking or baking. It's just plain good stuff.

The recipe and video are up on Everyday Dish. I developed the recipe for my new filterless Soyquick machine, which I absolutely love. You can use a higher ratio of soybeans in it, which makes a creamier and richer soymilk. If you don't have a soymilk machine, you might want to add this one to your holiday list. It's awesome and makes fresh soymilk for pennies.

I plan to get working on tofu next. Oh, how I love fresh silky tofu!

I hope all of the Americans had an awesome Thanksgiving!



tofufreak said...

mmmmm..soymilk! :)
can't wait to see how you do on the tofu! :D

MeloMeals said...


Jael said...

Yummy, I wish I could get that new machine here in Israel.I have the old machine,can I use your recipe for the old kind of soy milk maker?

Btw, since you changed the video format, I really don't manage to see them or they are painfully slow :-(

Speedwell said...

As a diabetic vegetarian who is getting excellent blood glucose results on a low-carb diet, I'm depressed to see that the way you make your soymilk taste better is to... add carbs. :(

I know this is probably a hopeless question, but can you think of any low-carb alternatives?

julie hasson said...

Thanks Tofufreak. I'll try and get cracking on the tofu.

Hi Melody! Thanks! I hope you're doing well.

Hi Yaelian. For the old machine, I would suggest making the soymilk according to the manufacturer's directions, but sub out a tbsp of rice and oats for soybeans (so use 2 tbsp less soybeans). You may need to soak the rice overnight. Then with the finished milk, add the dry barley malt extract. Also, you should be able to watch the videos in Quicktime that are on our server. Underneath the video there's a Quicktime symbol. Click it, and it will open a new page to view the video.

julie hasson said...

Hi Speedwell. It sounds like you will need to tailor recipes for your specific dietary needs. I'm not sure which ingredient you weren't happy about, but it's easy enough to leave out the sweetening.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Homemade soymilk... yum!! I am gonna have to check this video out (and catch up on the other I've missed these busy last few weeks).

Jantina said...
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Jantina said...

Julie, I was searching for your contact information and came across your blog. I work for an organization called The Soyfoods Council. ( We work to educate consumer and professionals on the health benefits of adding soy to their diet. So naturally I am THRILLED to see your post about making soy milk! If you have a moment can you send me an email at I would love to visit with you about opportunities to attend our Soyfoods Editor Tour. Way to go and thank you!!!

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